Marlon Sanders Design Dashboard

Marlon Sanders Design Dashboard Just Arrived!

You Want A Professional Looking, E-commerce Ready Website That Stands Out Of The Crowd & Won’t Cost You More Than A Few Dollars.

Now It’s Easy As 1-2-3!

I got Marlons Design Dashboard just a few days ago and I have to say it’s really amazing. I bought the product, because my graphical design skills are really, really bad and I don’t want to pay $100 each time I need a website header or a book cover.

The Design Dashboard shows you step by step, how to create a professional looking site with sharp graphics, styles, effects and everything else you need to stand out from the crowd.

But it’s not only about graphical design…

Actually, the Design Dashboard covers every single aspect on how to build a successful website:

  • Setting up your shopping cart
  • Registering a domain name
  • Choosing the best hosting service
  • Building your site using a free editor
  • Where to get the best stock photos for $1 or less
  • Tips on writing your sales letter
  • How to design stunning e-book covers in 20 minutes… and much more.

In other words, the Design Dashboard is a complete step-by-step system showing you how to create a fully blown e-commerce enabled site with all bells and whistles.

The image above shows you what the Design Dashboard looks like and it gives you a good overview of all the topics covered. Click here to see a bigger version of the image.

Again, the Design Dashboard is ideal (well, it’s actually the best on the market) for all those who have no- or only basic skills when it comes to building business ready websites. Even if you are already an experienced Internet marketer, I’m sure you will still learn one or the other interesting thing – like the graphical design skills I mentioned above.

Something else, there are 2 product versions: A basic version for $59 and another one for $79 that comes with a package of 26 additional web graphics. I got the second version, but honestly, I expected a bit more from the add-on graphics and I think, they are probably not worth paying an extra $20.

But the Design Dashboard itself is absolutely stunning – I’d say it’s one of the top 3 Internet marketing products available right now and definitely the best product for Newbies.

Get more info on Marlons site: Marlons Design Dashboard

7 Great Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Google+

Google Plus is a great platform (maybe even the best of all) to build your authority, to establish great business relationships, to build a fan base (followers), to improve your search engine rankings… and to get more traffic, signups and sales.

However, in order to get there you need to take the right actions. Simply setting up your G+ profile and business page and waiting for the magic to happen won’t be enough. In order to succeed with Google+, a few additional steps will be required. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science either and it won’t take up all too much of your time.

So, let’s get straight to the point: Here are my top 7 steps to get the most out of Google Plus…


#1: Build Relationships – Post, Comment, Share & +1

This is the most important G+ success step and it is also the most time consuming one. It is not just a quick one-time only step or something you do for the next 2 or 3 weeks… this is an ongoing task you will be doing (almost) every day for the years to come.

Wow, this sounds scary – I know. But it all comes down to properly organizing your G+ marketing tasks and making it a habit to spend 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes a day performing those tasks.

And yes, if you only have 5 or 10 minutes a day for Google+ you will also be able to reap all the great benefits of this amazing platform – it will just take a bit longer.

The most important thing here is to post, comment, share, +1 on a consistent basis – every day. To circle new people in your niche on an ongoing basis, to join and participate in communities…

To get an idea what you should be doing on Google+ on  a daily basis in order to get the most out of G+ with the least amount of effort and time investment, I recommend you read my blog post: 10 Great Steps To Succeed With Google+ – A Simple Plan for Your Daily G+ Marketing Activities

The post provides you with a complete marketing plan for Google+ and explains step-by-step how to build your authority on G+ and how to grow a large following.

#2: Claim Authorship

Google allows you to claim authorship for all your articles on personal websites and blogs as well as for articles you provide as guest author. Google provides your profile image and some analytics data (number of people in your G+ Circles) together with your content title and description in the search results.

This is a great way to stand out in the search results, to boost your credibility as author and to increase your click through rates on Google search and get more traffic.

There are 2 different ways to claim authorship on Google+. You can either link your articles and blog post to your G+ Profile using a verified email address or by adding a link from your articles to your G+ Profile as well as a reciprocal link from your G+ Profile (Contributor Section) to the site(s) where your articles are hosted.

Here are the detailed descriptions and the required code snippets: How To Claim G+ Authorship

Once you are finished setting up G+ Authorship, you can test it using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

#3: Fill Out Your G+ Profile Information

Optimize your Google+ Profile information and use your most important keywords in your tagline, introduction, bragging rights, occupation…

Add clickable links to your introduction and provide a bullet list of your products and services, your biggest benefits, your strengths and USP’s…

Add links to your blogs and websites and to your social media profiles in the Links section.

#4: Format Your Posts

Google+ provides several basic formatting options for your posts and you should make use of them. The most important one is the possibility to make your text bold.

Simply put an asterisks at the beginning and the end of the text snippet you want to appear bold Like: *Some Bold Text* After committing your post, the asterisks will go away and the text will appear bold.

Use this option for your headline, for important links, for sub-headings…

Other formatting options are:

  • _Italics_   Becomes: Italics
  • -strikethrough-  Becomes: strikethrough

Take a look at the Google Cheat Cheap for other interesting options. 

#5: Use Hashtags

Using hashtags allows you to label and associate your posts with specific keywords. For example, if you use the hashtag: #socialmedia and someone searches for posts in G+ with the same hashtag, your post will show up in the search results.

You can use hashtags anywhere within your post or simply add a list of hashtags at the end of your post. All hashtags need to start with the # symbol and may not contain spaces or any special characters.

If you would like to use a phrase like: social media software, you have to use it in the following way: #socialmediasoftware

#6: Shorten Your Google+ Url

When linking to your Google+ Profile or Page, something like: looks better than the standard G+ link:

To get a customized G+ short link, go to and enter your preferred short link name and your G+ profile ID and/or page ID.

#7: Setup Direct Connect

G+ Direct Connect allows you to quickly navigate to a specific G+ page from Google search when searching for +pagename.

For example, if you type +YouTube into Google Search, you will be immediately taken to the YT Google+ page.

To establish G+ direct Connect, you need to connect your G+ page with your website. You can do this either using the Google+ Badge on your site or by adding a code snipped to your site

Here is the code for the G+ Badge. If you are using WordPress, you can add the code to an empty text widget on your sidebar

If you don’t want to use the G+ Badge on your site, you can also use the following code on your home page:

<a href=”[yourpageID]” rel=”publisher”>Find us on Google+</a>

Here are the detailed instructions for establishing the connection: Linking G+ To Your Website

And finally you also need to link to your website from your G+ Page. On your G+ Page, go to Profile > About > Links and click the Edit link. Underneath Website, provide the URL to your website (the same URL to which you posted the code snippet in the previous step).

Unfortunately, at the moment G+ Direct Connect only works for business pages with a minimum amount of popularity and whether your business page is eligible for G+ Direct Connect will be decided by Google’s algorithms.

Do you have any other great ideas on how to benefit even more from Google+? Please share your knowledge and experiences in the comment section below.

What Are The Differences Between a Google+ Profile and a Google+ Page?

google+ page profile differenceGoogle+ Profiles and Pages are very similar, however there are several important differences. In general, Google+ Profiles are for individuals, whereas Pages are for businesses, brands and organisations.
A Google+ Profile is a bit like a Facebook Profile and a Google+ Business Page is similar to a Facebook Page.

Now, let’s take a look at the most important differences between G+ Profiles and Pages:


The +1 Button:

google +1 buttonG+ Pages have a +1 Button, Profiles don’t have a +1 Button. You as an individual can like (+1) a G+ business page (for example: Coca Cola), whereas a business page cannot like an individual – it would not make much sense and it would seem strange, if for example Coca Cola would like (+1) millions of individuals (G+ Profiles).

When you +1 a G+ Page, the posts of that page won’t appear in your profile stream. This means, you can +1 hundreds of G+ Pages without getting your profile stream “spammed” with thousands of commercial messages.

If an individual (G+ Profile) circles a G+ Page, this page automatically gets a +1 AND the posts of the page will show up in the profile stream of the person who circled the page.


Sharing To Extended Circles:

google+ circlesG+ Pages cannot share to extended circles – Profiles can.

Sharing to an extended circle means you are sharing to all people in your circles and to all the people in their circles as well.


To Summarize:

  • Pages have a +1 button – Profiles don’t have a +1 button
  • Pages cannot +1 other Pages – Profiles can do so
  • Pages cannot +1 stuff on the web (e.g. via a content sharing plugin) – Profiles can
  • G+ Pages cannot share to extended circles – Profiles can.

For lots of great tips on how to succeed with Google+, please take a look at the following blog post I published recently: “10 Great Steps To Succeed With Google+ – A Simple Plan for Your Daily G+ Marketing Activities”

10 Great Steps To Succeed With Google+ – A Simple Plan for Your Daily G+ Marketing Activities

Google+ Marketing
Google+ is a great way to build your authority, to improve your search engine rankings and to get more traffic, to get your posts indexed by Google almost immediately, to improve your click-through rates on the search engine results page (by claiming authorship)… and much more.

Google Plus is the fastest growing social network and most probably it will soon dethrone Twitter – the current #2 behind Facebook. In other words, G+ is huge, it will only be getting bigger and you should no longer ignore Google+.
Continue reading 10 Great Steps To Succeed With Google+ – A Simple Plan for Your Daily G+ Marketing Activities

Top 20 Facebook Marketing Tips To Build A Huge Following On Your Facebook Page

Top 20 Facebook Marketing TipsDo you currently use Facebook to market and grow your business and even more important, do you use Facebook to its fullest?

There are more than a billion people on Facebook, so no matter how tight and tiny your niche may be, there is tremendous potential on Facebook to grow your audience and take your business to the next level.

However, the key to success is to take action and to be consistent with your Facebook marketing. Setting up a nice Facebook page and doing maybe 10 or 15 posts won’t do anything for your business.

Do some Facebook marketing every day – and if it is only 15 minutes. Do it consistently for several months and you will be surprised how much this will do for your traffic, signups and sales.

Read my blog post: “Facebook Daily Action Plan…”  to get an idea what daily tasks you should perform to optimize your Facebook marketing process.  Continue reading Top 20 Facebook Marketing Tips To Build A Huge Following On Your Facebook Page

Top 10 Posting Ideas For Your Facebook Page To Build A Large Audience In No Time

facebook posting tipsIn order to succeed with your Facebook page and generate a maximum amount of traffic, subscribers and sales, you need to provide value and quality posts on a regular basis.

If you post only once a week on your Facebook page, you surely won’t get very far. Ideally you should post something interesting, helpful, engaging… 3-4 times a day.

But how do you come up with all this great content and won’t this require several hours of work every day?

Not at all! And I will show you some great tips and ideas that will allow you to come up with lots of amazing content your audience will really enjoy while spending only 10-15 minutes a day.  Continue reading Top 10 Posting Ideas For Your Facebook Page To Build A Large Audience In No Time

A Simple Step By Step Plan To Make Your Facebook Page Hugely Popular And To Generate Lots Of Traffic

facebook traffic marketing planFacebook is a fantastic way to connect with people in your niche, to generate traffic, to get leads, signups and sales… But, in order to get there, you need a plan and you need to take continuous action.

Lots of people get excited about Facebook marketing every day. They build a great looking business page, they start posting quality content… and after 2 weeks they stop, because they are getting no or almost no likes, shares and comments.

Continue reading A Simple Step By Step Plan To Make Your Facebook Page Hugely Popular And To Generate Lots Of Traffic

The Top 4 Strategies To Find The Best Guest Blogging Opportunities In Your Niche

4 Quick & Easy Steps To Find The Best Guest Blogging OpportunitiesGuest posting or guest blogging is an absolutely fantastic way to establish yourself as an expert and authority in your niche, to generate a lot of traffic, to get tons of subscribers… and to almost immediately build a relationship of trust and likability with your readers.

The huge advantages of guest blogging are obvious, but do you find blogs that allow you to post your articles with a link back to your website?

It is actually very easy to find a large number of blogs that are looking for guest bloggers – in almost any niche.

But, before I tell you how you can find all those websites, I would like to spend a few minutes on an equally important topic:

How to pick the RIGHT sites to get your articles published…

Especially in the bigger niches, you can find hundreds of blogs that accept guest posts within minutes. But, is it a good idea to publish your article just on any site?

Definitely not! You want to build your authority and you want to put your articles in front of as many people  (people who are interested in what you have to tell) as possible. And this means, you will need blogs with a big and active readership.

Before submitting your guest post request, to any blog, you should make sure the site meets the following criteria:

  • The readers of the blog should be a perfect match for the topics you are writing about on your own site. When your site talks about healthy nutrition, you shouldn’t submit an article to a site hat focuses on baseball. The better the match, the more you will benefit – in terms of traffic, subscribers, sales…
  • The blog must be active. There should be new posts at least once a week and most blog posts should get at least 10-15 comments. If no one is reading the blog, there is absolutely no point in submitting your article.
  • The blog should get a minimum amount of traffic. You can use Alexa Traffic stats to get an idea of the amounts of traffic a site is getting. I recommend you install one of those plugins into your web browser that display Alexa traffic stats together with Google PR (Page Rank) values. If you are using Chrome, you can use the “SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar” extension
  • I usually pick only blogs with Alexa stats below 100.000 (the lower the figure, the better) However, those stats are not always accurate – especially for less popular niches. So, you could have a fantastic site with lots of traffic and user interactions, but with a relatively poor Alexa Traffic ranking.
  • I only consider blogs with a minimum domain PR of 3. But again, user interaction is more important than Google PR. If you find a PR2 blog where most posts get over 50 comments, by all means submit your guest article request.

If you are just getting started with guest posting, I would not immediately shoot for the top blogs in your industry. Get your feet wet with some of the smaller blogs and start building a relationship with the top bloggers.

Be a regular commenter on those top blogs, connect with the web masters on Google+, Facebook or other social media sites, compliment their work, send them a personal email, link back to their articles, like those sites on Facebook, mention those posts on Twitter… It is not complicated.

That way, it will be much easier for you to get your guest posts accepted on those high authority, high traffic sites. And of course, you need to make sure that your articles are top quality and that the subject hasn’t already been treated on the site.

Back to our initial question: How do you find all those blogs that accept guest articles?

Here are some great tips for you:

#1: Do a search on Google with some of the following search strings:

“guest posting” keyword         (keyword is your specific niche keyword)
“guest author” keyword
“guest post” keyword
“guest writer” keyword
“guest article” keyword
“guest bloggers wanted” keyword
“guest posting guidelines” keyword

You could use various other search terms, but the ones above should be enough. Go through all the blogs you find and select the best ones using the criteria I mentioned above.

#2: Search for all the top blogs in your niche

Search for those sites without using any of the “guest posting” keywords. Some of those blogs may not mention that they accept guest articles, but they may still do. The top authority sites are the most valuable ones and it is still worth to propose your guest article.

Some or even most of those sites may not accept guest articles, but if you could find only a few who will accept your post, you could get a huge boost in traffic, subscribers and authority.

How To Quickly Find High Quality Websites For Your Guest Blog Posts


#3 Make a list of the top guest posters in your niche.

You will come across certain author names again and again – those are the top guest bloggers and they can help you to find even more authority sites that accept guest articles.

Do a Google search using the following search strings:

“guest post by author name” ; “guest article by author name”… replace author name with the names of the top authors in your niche. Most authors use pretty much the same text in their author bio, so you could also search for the first few words in the author bio. For example: “John Doe is a social media expert and writes”

Those top authors won’t submit their articles to any low quality sites, so you can be pretty sure that all the sites you find are high quality and well worth submitting your articles.

#4: Guest Blogging Networks

And last but not least you could also use one or several of the top guest blogging networks. Those networks help you to find more great blogs in your niche and they also help you to connect with the blog owners and to get your articles accepted easier.

Here are some great guest blogging networks:

Using the various methods listed above, you shouldn’t really have any difficulties to compile a fairly large list of sites that accept guest articles. Just keep in mind, to get accepted by the top blogs in your industry you will need to provide top quality articles and you probably should establish a relationship with the blog owner before you send your request – this will improve your chances to get accepted dramatically.

10 Great Ways To Get Massive Traffic, Tons Of Backlinks And Lots Of Subscribers

10 Great Ways To Get Massive Traffic, Backlinks And SubscribersIn the past, you could use a few different software tools, build several thousand backlinks within a few minutes and if your niche wasn’t all too competitive you would get pretty good rankings within a few weeks – those days are long gone.

However, building quality backlinks is still important to get traffic, to improve your rankings, to gain authority… But, it is not the quantity of your backlinks that counts, but the quality.

In the following article I’m providing you with my top 10 link building strategies. There are other great ways to get backlinks, but those are my preferred ones. Continue reading 10 Great Ways To Get Massive Traffic, Tons Of Backlinks And Lots Of Subscribers

The Top 10 Reasons Why 99% of All Internet Marketers Fail To Make Any Money Online

The Top 10 Reasons Why 99% of All Internet Marketers FailHundreds of newbies are turning towards “make money online” every single day. However, only about 1% of them succeed to make a nice and comfortable living online, while the remaining 99% give up after only 6-15 months.

How is this possible? Is Internet marketing really that complicated? Do you need a degree in quantum physics to succeed online…?

I don’t think so. Truth is, Internet marketing is one of the easiest ways to make a living – not necessarily to become a millionaire, but at least to make a nice and comfortable living.

My own experiences and failures as well as conversations with many successful marketers allowed me to identify various reasons why people fail. Those are always more or less the same reasons and most of them not only apply to Internet marketing, but to life in general.  Continue reading The Top 10 Reasons Why 99% of All Internet Marketers Fail To Make Any Money Online

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