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How To Avoid Internet Marketing Scams And Succeed Online

make money scamI don’t know any market where there are as many scams as in the Internet Marketing – Make Money Online niche. And pretty much all of those scams use more or less the same recipe:

Make money online quick and easy with almost no effort!

I lost nearly 2 years buying into the “quick and easy” promise. I bought quit a lot of scam products and honestly, it’s not so much the money spent on those products that bothers me, but the huge amounts of time I wasted implementing all those useless strategies.

Let me tell you one thing: There are no big secrets that will make you a lot of money. There are no push-button tools or miraculous WordPress plugins that will generate tons of free traffic and thousands in sales for you.

Those are all empty promises and they are only used to sell products.

Why do you think, someone who claims to have found the secret to easily make 30K a month while working only an hour a day goes through all the hassle of putting together a product, spending hours on promoting and marketing the product, recruiting affiliates, working hours and even days on the sales letter, putting together all the affiliate promotional materials…

… and then selling this magic product for a few bucks on Clickbank or as a Warrior Special Offer for a few bucks? I would just keep on working an hour a day and make an easy 30k a month.

Would you like to know a secret? Here is a simple formula to success:

  • Pick something you are absolutely passionate about. That way you will never have to work, because if you pick something you truly love, all work turns into play and fun.
  • Provide value, value, value. That way you will never have to worry about money, because if you provide value, the money will always follow. But, you need to provide value first, it doesn’t work the other way round.
  • Keep on learning and educating yourself. But don’t think, you need to spend years educating yourself about marketing. Maybe spend a week reading one or two good all-round Internet marketing guides, that teach you how to build a REAL business online and not just some tricks and strategies.Once you are finished, maybe read it again and then again, make some notes, let it sink in, create your road-map of things to do for the next 6 months and then, take action.
  • Once again: take massive action. Have fun. Create value in everything you do, market your stuff, let the entire world know what you have to offer. Don’t be shy and don’t worry what others may think about you.
  • It can be overwhelming at the beginning, but you simply take one step after another.
  • Have fun, experiment, try new things…

That’s the core of what pretty much all highly successful bloggers and online businesses are doing.

It’s all about the basics and the fundamentals – they will be responsible for 80-90% of your success. The remaining 10-20% will come from those so-called highly sophisticated marketing strategies.

But again, as long as the fundamentals are not in place, all those secrets, tricks and cool marketing strategies won’t work. Ok, you may make a few bucks here and there, but that’s not what you really want. You want a business that allows you to make more and more money in the long run while working less and less (once everything is in place).

Here is a short, incomplete list of some of the important fundamentals:

  • Provide value in everything you do.
  • Build your list and create a relationship of trust and likeability with your subscribers.
  • Recommend other people’s products as an affiliate to get started making some money online; Recommend only top quality products.
  • Use only quality strategies to generate traffic – no link, forum, blog… spamming or similar things.
  • Test and track most of the things you are doing and keep on improving and optimizing all elements of your online business.
  • Don’t try to do too use too many marketing strategies at once. Focus on a few quality stratgies and master them. Later on, outsource some of those tasks and add new marketing strategies to your arsenal.
  • Once you start making some money (or even at the beginning if you can afford it), spend some of your earnings on paid advertising and outsource various tasks to grow your business faster.
  • Create and sell your own products.
  • Network with other people in your niche. Do something of great value for them first and when the time is ready, they will do something for you as well.

Ok, not all products that promote “quick and easy” are necessarily a complete scam. Some of those products even provide fantastic marketing strategies that will save you a lot of time with certain tasks, help you to optimize various parts of your marketing, increase your sales…

Most of the time it’s however not as quick and easy as promised and if you don’t have the fundamentals in place, those ideas and strategies won’t be of much benefit for you.

But yes, once the fundamentals are in place, don’t hesitate to get new marketing guides, plugins, services… on a regular basis and use them in your business. You can find lots of great stuff on the Warrior Forum – it’s called Warrior Forum Special Offers and the products there are usually very cheap.

And if a product doesn’t keep what it promised, don’t hesitate to ask for a refund. If you got scammed, there is no reason to feel bad for that.

By the way, when you are getting just started with your online business or if your fundamentals are not in place yet, there isn’t really that much you need. You don’t need all sorts of plugins, secrets, incredible strategies…

Here is all you need at the beginning:

  • Cheap public hosting – something like HostGator or Bluehost
  • A good AutoResponder – GetResponse or AWeber
  • A good “How To Build Your Online Business” guide – The ShoeMoney System is quite good, not perfect, but definitely one of the best ones out there.

Something else, most of those scamy make money quick and easy products usually have absolutely amazing sales pages. They really make you think, you absolutely need this product if you want to succeed online… I fell for those false promises again and again.

One of the reasons why I fell so often for those scams was, because the proof elements of the sales pages were very convincing.

Now, let me tell you a few things: Oftentimes those proof elements are fake and it is very easy to fake them.

Here is a quick example – very exaggerated  and unrealistic, but just to demonstrate what can be done easily:

“Hey, I just discovered this magic marketing strategy.. I started using it only 5 days ago and since then I made a Million dollars every single day… up until I discovered this secret I didn’t make a single cent. Just take a look at my ClickBank earning stats below.”

clickbank earnings

Excited? You can buy this product for only $47!

Making this screenshot took me 3 minutes. The same can be done with traffic stats and all other kinds of proof elements.

And yes, of course, someone may show you real earning stats – something like $10K+ he/she made in one single day working only 2 hours…

Here is how this works:

An established marketer may have been working very hard for 2 years to build a responsive mailing list of lets say 20K subscribers. He warms up his list with some pre-sales messages, offers some great bonuses for everyone who acts on his affiliate product recommendation…

1000 people of his list buy the product and if he makes $10 commission per sale, he makes $10k with maybe 1 or 2 hours of work.

Yep, but in order to make this work, you first need to build a huge responsive list and that’s not done within a few hours.

So, what about customer testimonials?

I don’t care about them and I never read them. Here is how this works: Marketer A has a huge list and is doing a product launch. Marketer B, C, D… know that A has a big list and they would like that A promotes their future launches to his list. So, they say: “Hey, I give you a great testimonial and maybe you can also help my with my launch in 4 weeks…”

In other words, many of those testimonials are from people who didn’t even check out the product. And yes, of course there are also many honest reviews and testimonials, but you just never know which is honest and which is not and that’s why I stopped reading testimonials.

Here are a few rules of thumb to help you avoid losing time and money with Internet marketing scams:

  • Make money quick and easy with little effort is a lie – it doesn’t work!!! You make money when you provide value.
  • To get started, you only need a few basic products and services.
  • Get a new product once you integrated the strategies from the product you bought previously.
  • Don’t belief all the proof elements and promises made on sales pages.
  • Master one or a select few strategies before implementing new ones and this means, there is no need.
  • The key to online success are the basics and fundamentals of marketing and not secrete, tricks, miracle WordPress plugins, push-button tools… The fundamentals of marketing worked hundred years ago and they will still be working hundred years from now.
  • Start playing with various strategies and techniques (sometimes, they may be labeled as secrets, quick and easy…) once the fundamentals are in place. But don’t get lost in those strategies, 80% of your time should still be used to work those fundamental marketing principles.
  • If you get scammed, ask for a refund.

Again, there is an overwhelming number of seemingly amazing products out there. You don’t need most of it to succeed online. Even worse, those products may even prevent you from succeeding with your online business.

If you chase one secret strategy after another, you won’t have the time to put those crucial fundamental marketing and business success pillars in place and that’s really all you need to succeed online!