How To Create Your First Information Product In Only A Few Hours

How To Create Your First Info Product In 3 Hours or Less

How To Create Your First Information Product In Only A Few HoursCreating an info product is quite intimidating to many people. But, it actually can be very simple and a lot of fun to do. And I’m sure, right now you could create your first product within only a few hours.

When we talk about product creation, people oftentimes think, it’s about writing a 300 page eBook or something similar and that it will take months of hard work. But that’s not at all what I’m talking about.

A great product could be a 10 page special report, that explains a specific strategy, that shows step-by-step how to do something, that provides a list of valuable resources and explains how to use them… That’s something you probably can do with a few hours of work. 

It is all about providing value and just because a book has 300 pages doesn’t necessarily mean that it provides more value than a 10 page report. I have various books I put away after reading 50 or 100 pages, because there simply wasn’t much value provided and I’m sure you already had a similar experience.

So, please don’t discount the value you can provide with a simple 10 page special report. 

Many people also get scared about the idea writing. And I have a very simple solution for that: Simply write as you talk. Don’t think too much about grammar, just let it flow and write down what comes to your mind.

Imagine yourself talking to a friend about your preferred subject… and that’s exactly what you’ll “put on paper”. Once you are finished, you clean up some grammatical errors and you run the text through a spell checker – you can use Word, OpenOffice or one of the many online tools that are available for free.

And don’t worry, there is no need to be able to write like a Pulitzer price winner. On the contrary, this probably would even be a very bad idea. Most people prefer a natural flowing conversational tone over something that sounds like it was written by a university professor.

Again, take it easy and just write as you talk. As long as you put all your passion and excitement into your writing, people will love it. 

But, you don’t necessarily need to write anything, you could also make a video. Either filming yourself talking about a specific subject or doing a screenshot video (using Camtasia or a similar tool). You could also interview an expert in your niche and record it as podcast.

You could setup a WordPress blog for someone, develop a simple software tool, put together a unique graphics page, create a great looking WordPress theme…

The idea is to start with something simple yet valuable and to give it away for free in order to build your brand and reputation. Use it to build a list of subscribers and keep on giving away great free stuff.

And once you have a sizable list of subscribers who trust and like you, you can create slightly more extensive products (again, not necessarily a 300 page eBook) and start selling them. At this stage, it should be relatively easy to sell your products and you should have a very good conversion rate.

Many people make the mistake to get started with a much too big project and here is what typically happens:

  • They invest 2 months, 3 months… and sometimes even more time in creating a project.
  • Then they write a sales letter, do maybe some forum posting or blog commenting and hope that thousands of people will buy the product which of course doesn’t happen.
  • Then they maybe lower the product price and still, not much is happening
  • And finally they give up and say this doesn’t work.

Again, start slowly. Give away great stuff and build your reputation. Go out and market your freebies and build a list of subscribers. Start selling simple $7 reports. Learn as you go, start recruiting affiliates, network with other people in your niche… Create more extensive products, use different formats and sell them for a higher price.

Build a sales funnel with a low-prized front end product and various higher priced backend products. Add upsells and downsells…

But again, that’s something you build over time and you don’t get started with a backend product. All of this isn’t really complicated, but you have to understand that you first need to build your reputation and get yourself known in your market.

And yes, this takes some time and effort upfront and there won’t be an immediate financial compensation. But that’s just how things work and how you develop a successful business.