Easy Web Traffic

Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time With So-Called Quick And Easy Traffic Strategies

Easy Web TrafficThere are easy or relatively easy strategies to generate web traffic and there are those strategies that are a bit tougher and more time consuming – most people don’t like them so much.

Most of those “Get Massive Website Traffic” products out there are geared towards the easier traffic strategies. Not so much because those techniques are so fantastic, but “quick and easy” just sells so much better.

However, when you look a bit closer you quickly realize that those “easy” traffic strategies actually can become quite time consuming without actually providing much traffic. So, you often end up spending hours of boring work while getting only a few visitors to your site.¬†

I tested pretty much all traffic strategies out there and I was always particularly excited about those “quick and easy” traffic secrets… but, to be honest, I never came across any strategy that would fall under the label of “quick and easy” and that produced good results.

Sure, various of those traffic generation techniques worked at some point in the past. But, they usually stop working after a relatively short period of time as more and more people start using them.

The quicker and easier a certain strategy is, the more people will use it and when a “critical mass” of people using it is reached, the strategy usually stops working. On the other hand, most of the slightly tougher traffic strategies worked well 10 years ago and they are still working great today.

I will talk about those massive traffic drivers in a different post, but here is a hint: It all comes down to providing outstanding VALUE! Yes, every now and then you may get lucky and get big spikes of traffic without really providing much value, but this kind of traffic usually is not repeatable and it sizzles out quickly.

So, the magic traffic formula is: Provide value, value, value… and market your value to get your traffic avalanche started. That’s it and all it requires is your passion and taking massive inspired action.

And when you are really passionate about what you are doing, you will never have to work, because taking inspired action that flows from your passion feels much more like play and fun than hard work.

And yes, of course, you can also buy traffic. But, if you don’t provide value, you won’t sell a lot and spending money on traffic without getting any return on your investment doesn’t really make that much sense.

Ok, why is the not so easy traffic so much better than the quick and easy traffic strategies?

Here are some things about quick and easy traffic strategies:

  • Most of the time it is not as quick as promised. 
  • Oftentimes you end up spending a lot of time and energy for only a handful of site visitors. 
  • The quality of this kind of traffic is often very poor – it just doesn’t convert very well. 
  • Thousands of people use those strategies and everything that’s used and abused by thousands of people usually stops working fairly quickly. 
  • The search engines (especially Google) don’t like those traffic strategies – simply because they clutter up the web without providing any value.

And here is what I think about not so easy traffic:

  • Yes, of course, those strategies are a bit tougher, but they are NOT that difficult neither. 
  • You will spend more time upfront, but you will get a huge return on your time investment. 
  • Many of those traffic techniques not only provide a big initial spike of site visitors, but also an ongoing steady flow of traffic. 
  • Google and other search engines loves everything that provides value and rewards the “value packages” you place all over the web with high rankings and great free traffic.

Examples for “quick and easy” traffic strategies:

  • Mass forum posting without any real value – typically one or two sentences. 
  • Mass blog posting. Something like: “Great blog post. I’m really looking forward to learn more from you…” 
  • Building thousands of low quality links for SEO purpose – just doesn’t work any more. 
  • Submitting cheap, spun articles to hundreds of article directories.

Examples for higher quality and not quite so easy traffic strategies:

  • Guest posting on quality authority sites with high traffic – to get your article posted on those sites, you will need to provide some really good value.
  • Even forum posting can be a source of great traffic, but only if you provide great quality posts, pick topics that are popular in your niche/forum and write captivating headlines.
  • Network with the top guys in your niche and provide something of outstanding value for their audiences – a pdf report, a video, a software tool…
  • Provide a bonus product for a big product launch that perfectly complements the main product¬† -for example, a software tool that automates one of the strategies provided in the main product. This strategy alone could add hundreds of high quality buyer leads to your list that are worth thousands of dollars.

And of course, there are many other strategies, but this gives you a basic idea on how to distinguish between “good” and “bad” traffic strategies.

Now, let’s do a quick comparison of a quick and easy traffic strategy with a not so easy one. We will compare short forum posts with guest blogging. I did this experiment about 2 years ago and the result was really interesting.

First, the quick and easy:

Let’s say, we do 100 “quick and easy” forum posts. One of the products I bought in the past mentioned something like: “This only takes 30 seconds per post and will send you floods of traffic…”

In reality, however, it still takes 3-4 minutes per post: You scan the forum categories and threads, you pick a particular thread, you need to read the thread to have an idea what it’s talking about, sometimes you will also spend time reading the answers provided by other forum users, sometimes you don’t like the thread and decide to pick a different one…

All of this already takes some time and then you still need to write your post. If all your posts contain only 5-6 words, you will get banned quickly, so you need to provide at least 2 short sentences in your post.

So, time adds up here and there and you may quickly get to 3-4 minutes per post. If it takes you 4 minutes per post on average, the entire exercise will take 400 minutes, which is a bit over 6.5 hours!

Ok, now you have 100 low value forum posts, how much traffic can you expect? From my experience, you can expect 1-2 site visitors (clicking on your forum signature) every 10 forum posts. So, you will get a total of 10-20 site visitors within the first week and in the long run you may get another 10-20 visitors. All in all, this gives you a total of 20-40 site visitors depending on the forum and your niche.

20-40 visitors for 5-6 hours of work – that’s a really bad return on your time investment. The main reason for this extremely low ROI is the fact that those kinds of forum posts basically provide no value at all. So, why should anyone bother clicking on your sig link.

So, yes, it’s seemingly quick and easy, but you still spend hours of your time and you get almost nothing in return. You can expect the same sorts of results for most other quick and easy traffic strategies.

Ok, let’s take a look at the other side – Guest Posting:

You should only go for quality sites with good traffic (check Alexa traffic stats) and a minimum Google PR (PageRank) of 3. As you can imagine, those sites get a good number of requests for guest posts and they won’t accept just any article.
In other words, a quick 30 minute article simply won’t be good enough. You need to come up with something really good, something that provides true value for the blog owners audience and this takes a bit more time and effort.

Usually, I get started looking around on other sites and blogs to get some ideas for the topic of my blog post – this doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

Then I do some research for maybe 30-40 minutes and I make some notes. And finally I write my guest post – this can take up to 3 hours including formatting and proof reading the post.

Then I simply send a message with the guest post to one of the blog owner (if it doesn’t get accepted, I simply send the post to another blog owner and maybe another one… – but only to one person at a time, because you always need to provide unique articles).

So, getting 1 guest post published on a quality site takes 4-5 hours of work – about the same amount of time we spent on our 100 forum posts.

And the outcome? This will of course vary. But, I had guest posts that generated 5.000+ site visitors within the first week of publication and a continuous stream of traffic for the years to come.

On top of that, you will get a good percentage of high quality traffic that subscribes to your list, takes action on your affiliate recommendation and buys your products.

And something else: Creating a great piece of content that provides real value is a thousand times more exciting and satisfying than writing hundreds of worthless forum posts, blog comments… Give it a try and you’ll see.

Can you see the huge ROI you can get from those somewhat more difficult traffic strategies? Sure, not every attempt will be a huge success, but the larger portion will be fairly successful.

The big problem (especially for newbie) is that high quality strategies with a huge impact aren’t really heavily marketed. At least 9 out of 10 product launches is about quick and easy and no effort… – unfortunately those are all empty promises.

When I got started, I’ve fallen for almost any scam out there and the problem wasn’t even so much about the money I spent on those products, but about the time lost on those useless strategies.

Really, there are no big Internet marketing SECRETS out there, it is all about the fundamentals and the basic stuff.

Here is the most important tip I can give you: Provide huge VALUE in whatever you do and then go out there and tell everyone about it (don’t be shy, even if you annoy some people) until your “snowball” becomes a huge avalanche and generates massive traffic and sales for you.

It’s all about Value, Value, Value… – you get back from life exactly what you put out there!