Why Tips, Tricks & Strategies Won't Make You Any Money Online

Why Methods & Strategies Won’t Make You Any Money Online Unless You Have A Solid Fundament In Place

Why Tips, Tricks & Strategies Won't Make You Any Money OnlineFor online marketers there are 2 fundamentally different approaches to make money. You can either build a “real” business or you can use various strategies to make the so much loved “quick buck”.

I recommend you focus on building a real business and forget about anything else. I understand, those “quick buck” strategies can be very tempting, because you may work them for 2 days and get your first affiliate sale. This typically doesn’t happen when you build a real business.

Let’s take a closer look at both approaches and what you can expect in the short run as well as in the long run. 

Approach #1: Making money using a specific strategy:

Those are the strategies you will find in numerous “Make Money Online” products on Clickbank, Warrior Forum Special Offers… and they are almost always presented as a quick and easy way to make money online.

Some of those strategies work and they allow you to make some money relatively fast. However, most of those strategies don’t work at all or work no longer and you will only be wasting your time.

The problem is, you never know which strategies work until you test them. So, it could be that you buy 10 different products, you spend 3 months testing all those strategies and you find only 1 strategy that makes you some money.

After 3 months of trial and error you focus on the method that works and maybe 2 months later it stops working, because Google did an algorithm change, too many people started using this “trick”, certain rules changed…

Now you are forced to start all over. Again, testing numerous strategies until you find one that works and you hope it will work a bit longer than the previous method you used.

Yes, once you find a nice trick that works, you can make some money in the short run, but it won’t last and you are not really getting anywhere with this approach.

In the old “wild west” days of the Internet, it was really easy to make money with those sorts of strategies, but those days are gone and everyone who wants to make a living online will have to adapt by providing value and building a real business.

In the past you could get top search engine rankings and lots of free traffic simply by keyword spamming your meta tags and content. You could promote scam products on Google AdWords for a few cents per click. You could generate thousands of spam backlinks and get high rankings…

And there are many other examples of strategies that once worked, but no longer do. Today, there are not many “quick and easy money” strategies left that still work. Those that still work are no longer as quick and easy as they used to be and probably they will soon stop working as well.

In my opinion, everything that doesn’t provide value (and “quick and easy” usually doesn’t) is doomed to fail in the long run. So, I don’t really see any reason to go into that direction.

The other problem with those short term strategies is that once you stop working them (for several hours a day), your income may dry up completely.

Working those strategies day in and day out is boring, tedious and time consuming. It is very difficult to make a lot of money and if stop working, the income stops as well. This isn’t much different than a boring office  job and I guess it is not what you really want.

You want to create something that makes you more and more money over time while working less and less and that’s called a well optimized business.

Approach #2: Creating a real business:

Creating a business sounds much scarier than making a lot of money with a simple trick. The truth however is that creating an online business is relatively easy and making a lot of money with tricks and strategies never works.

Yes, with a bit of luck you may find a strategy that makes you a bit of money here and there relatively fast, maybe within a few days after you start using the strategy. But, you won’t make a lot of money and you never know if this will still be working in 2 months time.

When you build a real business, most probably you won’t make any money (or, at least not a lot) within the first few months. But, as your business grows, you will make more and more money, even if you decide to work less.

A real business is built on a strong fundament: You provide great value, you build relationships, you market the value you provide… For more information on those core business fundamentals, please download my free eBook and learn how to build a successful online business.

Also, many of those “quick & easy” strategies may make a lot of sense, but only if they are used in a proper business structure with a solid fundament and not as a standalone strategy. If you use those strategies on their own, it is like building a house without a fundament and it simply can’t work.

Building a real business is neither more complicated nor more time consuming than just using various strategies, but it is much more effective.

Let’s take a look at 2 online marketers each one using a different approaches and let’s assume both of them work 6 hours per day for 2 years.

Person 1 using Approach #1: Quick & Easy Strategy

  • Tests various strategies for 2 months, none of them works properly, made $80 in affiliate sales so far.
  • Finds a strategy that seems to be working and makes an average of $40 per day.
  • 3 months later, the strategy doesn’t work that well anymore and the daily income drops to $5-$10
  • Goes on the hunt for better strategies. Spends 3 months without much success.
  • Learns about a new trick that generates regular affiliate sales, but requires to take action on a constant basis to make 1-2 sales per day and to make ~$30 per day.
  • The game more or less continues like this for the second year.
  • After 2 years, person 1 made a bit over $12k while working 6 hours every day, but has nothing to show for. If he stops working his strategies, his online income will drop to almost zero.


Person 2 using Approach #2: Building a Real Business

  • Spends 3-6 months putting a business fundament in place: Writes tons of valuable articles, provides a great freebie for newsletter subscribers, builds a good relationship with site visitors, subscribers, potential partners, does lots of marketing using social media, guest posting…
  • Money earned after 6 months: $900 from various affiliate sales. Almost all the sales occurred over the last 2 months.
  • Lots of valuable content, articles, reports, videos… have been provided all over the web, more and more people start recommend the website and linking to it…
  • Suddenly, the site takes off. Traffic starts going crazy and with it affiliate sales. Daily earnings go up to $90 per day and they keep increasing.
  • A great eBook with a few videos is launched and sold for $27
  • 10%  of the 2700 subscriber list buy the product and various friends and partners recommend the product to their lists for a 70% commission.
  • Total launch income within the first week and after commissions have been paid to affiliates: $13800
  • Over time, much more great, free value is provided, more products are launched, more relationships are created with even stronger partners and affiliates…
  • Traffic, subscribers, sales, search engine rankings, recommendations from other people, social media buzz… are constantly increasing.
  • Income after 2 years: $230k

Not much happens for quite some time. And then suddenly, everything starts taking off. But, things can only take off if people love what you do and if they recommend your stuff in masses…

This happens only if you constantly provide great value, if you market the value you provide (especially at the beginning), if you build relationships and make friends… and that’s what’s called building a real business.

No matter how tempting some of those “make money online quick & easy” ideas may be, build a real business for the long run. You will have much more fun, you will work less and you will make much more money.